QRSD believes that students need to understand math at a deeper level that includes building skills as critical thinkers and gaining a conceptual understanding of math.

Students PK- Grade 6: Eureka Math Curriculum

Students learn a in systematic approach with a clear scope and sequence that allows students to build upon previously taught concepts. This curriculum maintains “fluency” practice and spends more of the instructional time on concept development. This may look like use of math manipulatives or a process of “read, draw, write” to solve problems. Time is dedicated to making real world connections and applications.

New this year, QRSD has adopted the curriculum from Carnegie Learning to support an Integrated Math approach. This approach integrates multiple strands of mathematics at the same time so that students may make connections and applications from/with one strand to another. 

This approach is believed to result in deeper learning and understanding and increased student ability to apply specific concepts or skills to multiple areas. Carnegie Learning has been adopted in Grades 7-9 and will expand in SY 24-25.

Quabbin Regional School District continues to offer robust International Baccalaureate and Advanced Placement courses for math as well. These courses allow our students to build their mathematical knowledge and prepare them for their entry into their world beyond graduation, whether that is the work force, military or college experience.