Social Emotional Learning (SEL)  is an important component of learning and can positively affect students’ success in school.  SEL helps improve academic performance, curtails bullying, reduces dropout rates, and builds character.  Here at Quabbin Regional School District we follow the CASEL framework in order to identify individual student strengths and further develop necessary skills in social and emotional competence.  

SEL begins with our youngest learners.  Our classroom teachers implement Responsive Classroom strategies and practices with all of our students PK- Grade 3.  Additionally, at the elementary level we implement the Second Step curriculum with students in Kindergarten- Grade 5.  Second Step lessons are taught by our building based guidance counselors and supported by the classroom teachers.  Our classroom teachers in Grades 4-5 also implement 3 Signature Practices from CASEL with their students.  For students in Grades 6-12, we implement a weekly Wednesday SEL lesson.  These lessons are developed by accessing Ripple Effects curriculum, 3 Signature Practices from CASEL, and resources from the Panorama playbook.  At times, some of our students may require additional instruction in the area of social emotional learning.  This could include individual and small group lessons.  


At QRSD, we strive to create learning environments that value the diversity of our students and allow our learners to see themselves within our classrooms and learning materials.  ALL QRSD educators have been enhancing their instructional routines through their work with Dr. Sharooky Hollie and The Center for Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Teaching and Learning.  Quabbin educators have learned the importance of understanding, validating, and affirming the cultural behaviors that our students bring to their classrooms each and every day.  Students engage in strategies that support them as learners and as people.