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The new employee mentoring program is designed to support staff entering the profession or joining Quabbin for the first time.  The first year in a new job is a critical period, ensuring a smooth transition for staff can set them up for success in the years to follow. The mentoring program pairs new staff with existing staff in order to ease the transition to the new position. New staff can also attend monthly professional development sessions to learn more about their role as well as the policies and culture of Quabbin.



Any staff new to their position or new to Quabbin are  required to participate in mentoring. Different categories and responsibilities apply based on any previous mentoring experience. 

Meeting Dates

There is a kick off meeting during the opening days of school, this typically happens at the end of August. After that, there are monthly meetings from October to May. In between the monthly meetings new staff meet with their mentors and have opportunities for observation and feedback. 


Throughout the school year a variety of resources may be supplied and available to both mentors and mentees.  Some of these resources are but not limited to:


Responsive Classroom Resources and Materials

  • Resources from the The Center for Culturally & Linguistically Responsive Teaching and Learning
  • Mentoring in Action
  • Outside experts aligned by content and role