Thank you for your service with Quabbin Regional School District.  We wish you the best. 

Steps to Retirement: 

  1. Contact your retirement board for eligibility.  (See below for contact information)
  2. Check your specific contract for notification timelines.  Submit a written notice of intent to retire to the Superintendent of Schools and/or designee.
  3. 5-6 Months prior to retirement: Download the Retirement Application from your retirement board 
  4. 4-5 Months prior to retirement: Submit paperwork from your retirement board to the QRSD Payroll office.
  5. Gather all required documents (requested by retirement board and QRSD)
  6. Quabbin's Payroll Coordinator will process and return retirement paperwork as requested.
  7. Refer to your specific QRSD contract for details regarding your health insurance eligibility upon retirement.

 Massachusetts Teachers Retirement System (MTRS)
MTRS Retirement Process:

GIC Retired Municipal Teacher Plan (for retired teacher/administrator health & life insurance benefits)

How to enroll in or change enrollment as a GIC Retired Municipal Teacher:

Retirement Procedure Checklist

Worcester Regional Retirement System (WRRS)
23 Midstate Drive, Suite 106
Midstate Office Park
Auburn, MA 01501
Telephone: 508-832-6314
Fax: 508-832-6318
[email protected]

New Member Enrollment:

Beneficiary Designation Forms:
Option C:

Option D:

Retirement Planning:
Application for Retirement:

Massachusetts Smart Plan (OBRA)
Telephone: 877-457-1900

Information Guide - OBRA Highlights

Distribution of Funds - OBRA FUNDS