The mission of Student Services is to improve student performance by implementing a strong network of services for students and their families in the least restrictive environment. Student Services provides intervention at the earliest sign of at-risk behavior such as academic challenges, poor attendance, poor peer and adult relationships, violence, substance abuse, child abuse, health and mental health needs. It is a responsibility of Student Services to form and maintain strong collaboration with community agencies, state agencies, law enforcement, parents, students, staff, and other community stakeholders. The QRSD Student Services office collaborates with parents, staff, and administration to provide comprehensive services that support student access to the curriculum and support the development of the whole child.

The Office of Student Services provides support services to all students in the QRSD community. Services include Special Education Services (academic, occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech/language therapy, vision services, behavior support, adaptive physical education, augmentative and assistant technology), school adjustment counselors, clinicians, social workers, school psychologists, health, and Early Childhood services.

Each school has a variety of programs that meet the needs of students. These programs include full inclusion, partial inclusion, and substantially separate programs. Team Chairpersons conduct team meetings, oversee the  completion and implementation of Individualized Education Programs (IEP) and serve as technical support to all staff in addressing special education concerns.

The counseling and clinical staff provides individual and group counseling with students as well as support to administrators in working with staff and parents. In addition, they work with school staff to provide social skills and self-management training opportunities for students in all grades. The focus is to help students develop a sense of self, develop confidence in their ability to interact positively with others, manage conflict in appropriate ways, and make positive choices.

Who We Are

Director of Student Services, Civil Rights Coordinator
Jill Langlois
(978) 355 4668 x8520
Student Services Coordinator
Diana Sanelli
(978) 355 2055 x8520